Volunteer Unit

The Josephine County Sheriff's Office Volunteer Unit is a non-profit organization created to provide ancillary support services to the Sheriff's Office. The Unit is governed by the Sheriff's Office and Unit By-Laws.

The Unit has monthly meetings for its members every second Wednesday of the month to conduct Unit business and focused group training.

Today's Volunteer Unit provides a wide variety of services in the areas of crime prevention, community support, court and jail services, and emergency/disaster assistance.

Volunteer Unit Services

Patrol Services

Investigate reported abandoned vehicles and have them towed when necessary.  Investigate litter complaints.  Patrol on a regular basis by vehicle; county parks, public boat ramps, college campuses, communities and special public events.  Security foot patrol at local school carnivals.  Conduct home security checks submitted through the Sheriff's Office.  Issue handicapped warning citations and public park non-fee payment warning citations.

Neighborhood Watch Program

Conduct presentations on the program for interested groups, including training workshops to help people start a program in their neighborhood.  Provide follow-up assistance to ensure a program's effectiveness.

Child ID Program

Conduct presentations on the program for interested groups.  ID children upon request at various events and functions, and provide parents with a CD of the collected information.

Patrol Assist Team

Gather information as requested by the investigating Officer(s) including fingerprints and physical evidence.

County Jail

Provide various support services.

Court Security

Provide security at the Grants Pass down  town courthouse, remote courtrooms and the Family Courts.

Special Events

Set up and staff the Sheriff's booth at county fairs and other events.  Collect funds at various locations for the annual Josephine County Food Bank drive. Collect toys for the annual Toys for Tots Campaign.  The Merlin and Cave Junction Substations service as collection points for the donated toys and the Unit provides security during distribution.

Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF)

Investigate NSF check complaints, attempt funds recovery, and assist in obtaining records in lieu of prosecution by the District Attorney's Office.

Josephine County Emergency Company Phone Database

Locate and contact all companies within the County's jurisdiction to obtain contact information and update the County's database.

Disaster Assistance

In a disaster situation, provide support to law enforcement and emergency personnel (foot and vehicle patrol, traffic control, etc.)  In the past the Volunteer Unit has assisted during a variety of disaster situations  including power outages and major crash sites.

Admin Tasks

Unit-related administrative services for the Sheriff's Office.

Staff Substations

Through these substations the Sheriff's Office provides quick access to law enforcement and other types of assistance in response to local needs and concerns for businesses, residents and travelers.  A wealth of assistance is available including local and county information, directions to a location, and finding lost children.  There are three Sheriff's office substations strategically located in Josephine County (Merlin, Cave Junction and Murphy).  These substations are usually manned weekdays 10:00 am to 4:00 pm (the hours may vary based upon location and available personnel).

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