Major Crimes Unit

The Major Crimes Unit (MCU) is CLOSED until further notice, due to budget and staffing cuts.

It ceased operations as of May 25, 2012 at 4 p.m. At that time, it consisted of one detective sergeant, one narcotics detective, three major crimes detectives and one intel/detective clerk.

The Major Crimes Unit previously responded to and investigated the following:

  • All unattended and suspicious deaths and injuries occurring within rural Josephine County under as mandated by the Oregon State Medical Examiner’s law, ORS chapter146.
  • All homicides occurring within rural Josephine County. A homicide occurs whenever anyone dies at the hand of another and includes aggravated murder, murder, both degrees of manslaughter, criminally negligent homicide, accidental death, motor vehicle crash related death and all fire related deaths.
  • All felony assaults and attempted murders cases.
  • All felony sexual assault and related crimes such as rape, sodomy and human trafficking.
  • All kidnapping and Amber Alert related offenses and crimes.
  • All felony sexual and physical assault crimes committed against children.
  • All felony elder and disabled adult abuse offenses and crimes.
  • All suspicious missing person cases.
  • All major felony fraud and theft cases where in the monetary loss is substantial or the event has serious consequences to the community.
  • Burglaries where in the monetary loss is substantial and /or where the burglary trend affects whole communities within rural Josephine County.
  • All Arson related crimes and offenses.
  • All large scale narcotic and drug trafficking organized crime (Cartel) offenses and activity.
  • Gang and gang related activity and crimes.

Other general responsibilities of the Major Crimes Unit included:

  • Forensically processing all complex crime scenes.
  • Administering the District Medical Examiner’s program for Josephine County.
  • Providing truth verification (lie detector) services for patrol deputies, child welfare worker investigations and other law enforcement agencies within Southern Oregon.
  • Conducting professionally orchestrated and quality training to Sheriff’s patrol deputies, Sheriff’s volunteers and other agencies and commercial venues within Southern Oregon.
  • Conducting community discussions on law enforcement related topics at citizen academy’s, neighborhood watch programs and community organizations.
  • Sitting on the Governor’s Sexual Assault Task Force for Josephine County.
  • Participating in the Elder and Disabled Person Multi Disciplinary Team charged with reviewing all reports of elder and disabled person abuse cases in Josephine County.
  • Participating in the Child Abuse Multi Disciplinary Team charged with reviewing all reports of child abuse in Josephine County.
  • Participating in the Rogue Area Drug Enforcement task force.

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