Josephine County Integrated Fire Plan (JCIFP)






In August 2003, the Josephine County Board of County Commissioners directed the County Departments to work with state and federal agencies, rural fire protection districts and community organizations throughout the County to develop an integrated fire plan. The County initiated this effort to reduce wildfire risk to citizens, the environment, and quality of life within Josephine County. The County contracted with the Program for Watershed and Community Health, an organization affiliated with the University of Oregon’s Institute for a Sustainable Environment to facilitate the development of the plan. The Josephine County Integrated Fire Plan (JCIFP) and to help the County be successful in implementing fuels reduction projects, fire prevention was finished and adopted in November, 2004. The plan is updated annually through the completion of the Annual Report.

Since the adoption of the plan, countless numbers of citizens, fire districts, county staff, and agency representatives have worked together to enhance the JCIFP and to help the County be successful in implementing fuels reduction projects, fire prevention education campaigns, and other fire-related programs. The planning approach directly involves the county’s rural fire protection districts as a way to reach citizens in the county. The plan assists the county in being more competitive for federal funding programs such as the Healthy Forests Restoration Act, the National Fire Plan and FEMA's Pre-Disaster Mitigation Program.

Community information and education for both Josephine and Jackson County Fire Plans is collected on the Rogue Valley Fire Prevention Cooperative website. This site contains helpful information about community events, fire prevention and local laws regarding fire safety.

The Living With Wildfire homeowner’s guide helps citizens understand their wildfire risk. The guide provides information about what it means to live in the forest, as well as tools and information about how to decrease wildfire risk.

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