Request a Copy of a Report

To request a copy of a report, fill out the required form and mail it to us with the required fee.  Requests received without the required fee will not be processed.

You will be required to provide the address of the incident, as well as the date and time it occurred.  It is helpful to know what type of report you are requesting.  For example if it is regarding a Burglary or Assault.  Names of people involved in the incident will also assist us in locating the report.

If a report has been referred to the District Attorney’s Office for review of criminal charges, you will not be able to get a copy from Records.  In referred cases, you will need to request it directly from the District Attorney. You can reach their office at (541) 474-5200.

Other reports the Records Division cannot release:

  • Reports regarding juveniles
  • Mental health or medical related incidents
  • Medical Examiner’s report of death/autopsy
  • Toxicology reports


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