Pick Up Property

Getting Property Back That Was Seized by Law Enforcement

Property is released by appointment only. Make an appointment by calling 541-474-5128.

Please have the case number, which is located on the receipt you received for your property at the time it was seized. You will also need a driver’s license or other form of picture ID.

There are several factors involved in releasing property. In the case of an arrest, the Evidence Unit must first receive written authorization from the District Attorney’s Office prior to releasing any property associated with the commission of a crime, even if your case was dropped. If your property was placed into evidence because the jail was unable to keep your property, authorization most likely has already been received. Contact the property department for direction on your case. If your property has been recovered by the Josephine County Sheriff’s Office, you will be sent a letter and asked to call to make an appointment.

The property department will only release property to the person specifically designated, unless that person sends a letter directly to the property department requesting that another party pick up the property. This letter should indicate the name, address and phone number of the designated party as well as the case number. This is for the protection of all parties.

Auctions are scheduled approximately once a year depending on work load. General auctions are open to the general public. County employees may not participate at these auctions. Periodically, an auction will be held for firearms. Per County Ordinance, firearms may only be sold to licensed firearm permit holders. For further information on obtaining such a license, go to the ATF website. For information on our upcoming Vehicle Auction, please visit this site.

Claiming Found Property

Under Oregon law, property found by a person may be claimed by that person if the owner is not located. You will need to complete a "Finders Claim Form." The Oregon law (ORS 98.005) if very specific on the procedure that must be followed and that information is located on the back of the form and online.

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